Spec Coder: AI Powered VS Code Extension

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Are you struggling to write code efficiently? Look no further than Spec Coder - the AI-powered extension revolutionising your Visual Studio Code experience. With Spec Coder, thanks to its powerful AI assistant, you can work faster, smarter, and with more confidence. It's like having a coding buddy who knows a lot and is always ready to lend a hand.

AI Providers

Spec Coder comes with two industry-leading AI providers: OpenAI and Gemini Pro. You can choose between them, each offering unique capabilities tailored to your preferences and requirements.

  • OpenAI leverages advanced models like ChatGPT and GPT-4 to provide a versatile AI experience. OpenAI equips developers with cutting-edge AI capabilities from code suggestions to real-time analysis.
  • Gemini Pro, powered by Google's AI Studio, offers enhanced AI support, enabling developers to harness state-of-the-art AI technologies for an unparalleled coding experience.
  • Hugging Face: Leverage the vast open-source library of pre-trained models on Hugging Face for specific coding tasks. Spec Coder will integrate seamlessly with Hugging Face, allowing you to explore a wide range of models for tasks like code generation, AI Chat etc.
  • Ollama: Tap into the capabilities of Ollama, a platform focused on large language models for developer needs. Ollama offers various models trained on code, enabling functionalities like code completion and debugging assistance. Unlike other providers, Ollama can be installed locally on your machine, allowing you to use its features even without an internet connection.

It's easy to get started! All you need to do is get an API key from your chosen provider and configure it in Spec Coder's settings.

Feature Arsenal:

Spec Coder provides a complete set of tools to enhance your coding experience.

  • AI Chat
  • Autocomplete Your Code with AI
  • Trigger manually Code Generation
  • Unit Test Generation
  • Docstring Generation
  • Explain Code (Understand Your Code Better)
  • Refactor Code (Improve Code Quality)
  • Find Complexity (Analyze Code Complexity)
  • Find Bugs
  • Generate Commit Messages

AI Chat:

Get instant coding assistance and guidance through an interactive AI chat interface. No matter if you are troubleshooting problems or seeking suggestions, as a developer, you can rely on AI to provide real-time support.

Autocomplete Your Code with AI:

Spec Coder's AI-powered autocomplete predicts your next move, suggesting code snippets, functions, and variables as you type. Reduce errors, write faster, and focus on the creative aspects of coding.

Trigger manually Code Generation:

Even if you have disabled Spec Coder's autocomplete in the configuration settings, you can still use AI to write code efficiently. Simply initiate manual code generation and provide instructions. By doing so, you can speed up development by generating code snippets, boilerplate code, and even complete functions based on your specifications.

Unit Test Generation:

Create comprehensive unit tests automatically, to ensure code correctness and maintainability. With Spec Coder, developers can save time and improve test coverage effortlessly.

Docstring Generation:

Effortlessly produce informative docstrings for functions, classes, and other code elements. By automatically generating descriptive comments, Spec Coder enhances code readability and maintainability, saving developers valuable time.

Explain Code (Understand Your Code Better):

Gain a deeper understanding of your existing code with AI-powered explanations. Spec Coder provides insights into how the code works and why specific implementations are chosen. This facilitates better comprehension of the code.

Refactor Code (Improve Code Quality):

Improve the quality and maintainability of your code with AI-driven refactoring suggestions. Optimize code structure, performance, and maintainability with ease, ensuring cleaner and more efficient codebases. This helps in reducing technical debt and improving the overall quality of the code.

Find Complexity (Analyze Code Complexity):

Quickly analyze the complexity of your code and identify areas for improvement. By understanding the complexity of different code segments, developers can optimize performance and readability effectively. This helps in making informed decisions and optimizing the performance of the code.

Find Bugs:

Identify and resolve coding bugs quickly by employing AI-powered detection. Spec Coder helps in discovering potential errors and vulnerabilities before they cause any issues by providing suggestions on how to resolve them efficiently.

Generate Commit Messages:

Automate commit messages by using AI-generated suggestions, which ensures concise and accurate version control history. Spec Coder simplifies the process of documenting changes, enhancing collaboration, and code management.

Ask AI:

Select the code that you are interested in and ask AI anything to instantly gain valuable insights, explanations, and assistance. Spec Coder empowers developers to explore their codebase more deeply and effortlessly.

Feedback and Support:

At Spec Coder, we value user feedback above all else. We encourage developers to share their suggestions, bug reports, questions, or issues via GitHub:


We are committed to continuously improving Spec Coder, ensuring an optimal user experience for everyone.


In a world where speed, accuracy, and efficiency are essential, Spec Coder shines as an innovative AI-assisted development platform. By harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies, Spec Coder empowers developers to surpass traditional coding limitations, unlocking new levels of productivity and creativity. So, embark on your coding journey with Spec Coder, and witness the evolution of software development unfold before your eyes.

Happy coding with Spec Coder! 🚀

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Spec Coder: AI Powered VS Code Extension

5 ratings
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